Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Just Me

So yes I'm new to this blogging thing. Ok not really. I use to have one on my MSN messenger. Remember those days..lol. I blogged alot on that. So here I go agian. I can't say that I will have anything interesting to say for I don't find myself to be a interesting person but I'm going to give to a try. I'm going to start with the here and now and we'll worry about the past later or whenever I see fit to throw it in. I'm married to a wonderful man named Ed. He is a full time EMT and currently a Sgt. in the Army reserves. Through both of these we have had trials and journeys both which I believe the Lord has bigger plans and different ones than we have in mind. I work full time in a Animal hospital which I have been at for about 4 years. Also a journey , a trying one sometimes but a journey and my job which I enjoy. I'm currently being trained in several different positions in the hospital from the kennal position I was in for 3 years. Changes and I believe good ones but of course the training can be challenging. We have 3 furry children that I'm sure I'll be blogging about more then anything due to no human children (which is a safe and better thing :). I have Austin my bay, ex-racer throughbred. I have had him for 7 years and he is now 16. Taffey, my beagle/lab mix. I adopted her 3 years ago this May. She was a abuse case and hit by a car. Both have resulted in fear of men and several pins in her left rear leg. The fear of men, getting better with time but it makes me wonder what she went through and how someone can do that to a animal. Warwick is my very handsome white with blue eyes, completly deaf, old cat. Also adopted through a program we have at SSAH (south suburban animal hospital). The animal control officer brings cats to the clinic that are roaming the streets and if they are healthly (and not claimed by the owner) we adopt them out. Warwick came to us very sick and starving to death. Of course I nursed him and he lived but always having vomiting issues. Due to the vomiting and being older nobody wanted him. Due to seeing him everyday for 6 months I took him home Aug 2008. Thinking I was taking a dying cat home I figured I would give him a good home to live out his days. I took him in for his Feb check up and he has a clean bill of health (as far as the not dying part) but he keeps me on my toes with little health things here and there. So that is my little family and I guess the start of this blogging.

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